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Your time is valuable. Especially the time you spend relaxing in your swimming pool with loved ones. Why spend that time laboring over what you could be enjoying? Swimming pools are an investment and proper routine maintenance is necessary to prevent costly repairs down the road. Our technicians take great pride in protecting your investment and ensuring that the time you spend by your pool is relaxing and enjoyable. We will keep your pool crystal clear and running at optimum efficiency. Always punctual, thorough, courteous, and efficient; the experts at Moore Outdoors will save you time and money. Why settle for less when you can have Moore Outdoors?!?!

included in maintenance:

  • Blow off area around pool / pool furniture

  • Net water surface

  • Clean skimmer baskets

  • Clean pump basket

  • Empty automatic cleaner

  • Vacuum pool bottom

  • Brush surface areas

  • Test pool chemistry

  • Adjust chemistry as needed

  • Check filter pressure and clean as needed

  • Check for visible signs of leaks and/or worn parts and take appropriate steps to repair (with owner permission)

Maintenance Van
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