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Salt Water Systems


In recent years, salt water pool systems have become increasingly popular. Moore Outdoors specializes in the installation and maintenance of salt water chlorination systems. If you are interested in making the switch to salt water or already have a salt water pool and need maintenance, the experts at Moore Outdoors can assist with any questions, concerns, installation, replacement, and general care regarding any salt system.


  • Gentle on eyes and skin

  • chlorine levels in a salt water​ pool are generally lower than a traditional chlorine pool. Chlorine is introduced at a lower, more continuous rate.

  • Because the chlorine level is kept lower, you have far less chance of having swimsuits fade, dry skin, or hair turning green.

  • Safer. Storing chloring tablets and granular can be dangerous if not handled properly. You would not want small children to have access to these. 

  • Less maintenance. With chlorine being generated by the salt system, you'll very seldom have to add any actual chlorine yourself. However, salt levels must be checked periodically, the pH, alkalinity, stabilizer, TDS, and calcium hardness do need to be checked. Moore Outdoors routinely checks these for our maintenance customers. If you need a thorough testing periodically, ask about our Mobile Test Lab.

  • Chlorine generated is pure. There are not the other chemicals added that make up tablets, liquid, and granular. Therefore, salt systems will cause less fluctuation in pH.

  • Salt water feels better. A common misconception is that swimming in a salt water pool will be like swimming in the ocean. This is incorrect. The levels of salt in a salt water pool are 1/10 to 1/12 the levels found in the ocean.

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