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Swimming pools are a lot of fun and we want to help you make sure you remain safe and sound while enjoying it! We've added some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe:​

General Safety:

  • Children must always have adult supervision

  • Keep rescue devices and first-aid supplies near the pool

  • Keep all electrical appliances away from the pool

  • Never swim after consuming alcoholic beverages

  • Know the depth of the pool and whether it is deep enough to dive

  • Pool deck should have a non-slip surface

  • Make sure all electrical equipment associated with the pool is installed by a licensed electrician

  • Don't swim in improperly sanitized water

Chemical Safety:

  • Keep fire suppression equipment nearby stored chemicals

  • Make sure chemical storage room, pump room, and pool area are well ventilated

  • Have all chemicals safely locked away from children and pets

  • Keep chemicals dry and out of direct sunlight

  • Do not allow chemicals to mix. Keep tightly secured in seperate containers

  • Do not store chemicals near gasoline or any other flamable materials

  • Always wash hands after handling chemicals

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