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pool cleaning moore county NC

Sometimes even the most well maintained pools need a repair. Ocassionally pool owners may want an equipment upgrade or maybe to switch from one type of sanitizer to another. Moore Outdoors can handle any type of repair, part replacement, or upgrade you may want or need. 

Commonly Repaired:
  • leaks (liner or plumbing)

  • filter media replacement/cleaning

  • sand change​

  • DE grid cleaning

  • cartridge filter deep clean/replacement

  • clogged pump/impeller

  • heaters

  • salt cell replacement/cleaning

  • pump motor repair/replace

  • broken laterals in sand filter

  • valve replacement

  • pool lights

  • automatic pool cleaners

Upgrades to Consider

  • salt water sanitizing system

  • larger horsepower motor

  • heater

  • automatic pool cleaner

  • automatic chlorine feeder

  • liner change

  • new ladder

  • lights

  • steps

  • extend waste line

  • move pump and filter

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