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Moore Outdoors Online Store - why shop anywhere else?

I'm really excited about the online pool store recently opened by Moore Outdoors! We've have a really wide variety of pool and spa products to cater to most any need. We have free delivery on orders over $50. Best of all, our prices are far lower than the local pool store! So, this question comes to mind: "why would anyone not order from Moore Outdoors?" Full disclosure, I work there. So take that with a grain of salt. But, I truly feel like Moore Outdoors is offering a better service for ordering your supplies. Here I'll address some of the advantages of online ordering with Moore Outdoors and some possible reasons someone may hold onto the local store they're used to.

First of all, let's talk convenience. Order right from your phone or home computer and have your items delivered (usually) the next business day. With everything else you may have going on, isn't it nice to know you can remove "go to the pool store" from your to do list. Forget the traffic. Forget lugging around all of those heavy chemicals. No more worry about the interior of your car being ruined by a spilled chemical. With you place your order and we do the heavy lifting. We deal with the traffic. We do all the dirty work. All you have to do is place your order and let us know where you'd like your items placed.

Next, and maybe this should be first, is price. We keep our overhead low by keeping our store mobile and we pass the savings on to you! I can't blame the local store for having such high prices when they likely have a LOT of overhead. I'm not talking a difference of a few pennies either. On most items we are far and away less expensive (as of the time of this article). We both carry high quality products. Moore Outdoors simply charges less. When you're thinking cost, don't forget to factor in the cost of driving to the store, the time spent shopping, the time and energy used to carry everything to and from your vehicle,.... We will deliver at no charge on orders over $50 (Moore County only). So, not only do your supplies cost less, you save a lot of time, gas, and energy with Moore Outdoors.

Another benefit from Moore Outdoors is Onsite Computerized Water Testing. This is a huge benefit to you and maybe one of the reasons you kept going to the pool store. We do one free chemical analysis per year for any in-ground pool owner in Moore County. Suppose you know you need salt or chlorine, but not sure what else you may need. When we deliver your items we'll email or hand you a detailed report on your water. Then you can make an informed decision regarding what else you may need. If you want us to come out and test before you order anything, we can do that that too!

Back to my question? Why would you shop anywhere besides for your pool and spa needs? Cost? Nope. We're less expensive. You may find cheaper products at one of the huge chain stores, but they are not the same quality. You'll pay less for less potency. Convenience? Nope to that too. Unless the local pool store is within a short walk to your home, we're the winner there too. Computerized testing? Again, no. We offer the same quality water testing on-site. All you need to do is request it through our website or by calling 910-281-2000. Give us a try. I truly believe you'll find the savings and convenience fantastic. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, email us at or visit and send us a message at the bottom of the homepage.

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